PROCESSING: CO2 Extraction

extraktLAB LLC, Forest Lake, Minn., introduces the Extrakt line of super-critical CO2 extraction machines for processing botanicals for 99% pure, pharmaceutical-grade products using the company’s production methods.

Extrakt line of CO2 extractors

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Designed by a chemistry Ph.D. (and a published expert in the field of separation science), the liquid CO2 machines are set for fully automated running, and include quick-loading tanks, variable flow-rate pumps and terpene recovery.

A CO2 recirculation system is optional.

The initial line of machines includes:

Extrakt-110, with a 10L capacity and flow rate of 300mL/min;
Extrakt-120, with a 20L capacity and flow rate of 600mL/min;
Extrakt-140, with a 40L capacity and flow rate of 600mL/min.

Maximum daily output is dependent on the quantity and quality of raw product; optimum outputs may require pumps with higher flow rates.

Included with purchase is factory acceptance and operational qualification; 2 days of factory training (method development, operations and safety) and detailed documentation/user manuals. The extractors come with a 1-year warranty.

extraktLAB LLC

Forest Lake, Minn.


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