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California Marijuana Market : $7.6 billion by 2020.

Research firm sees $4.1 billion impact from general-use legalization in Golden State within four years.

Top 10 Vendors in the LED Lighting Market

Research firm illuminates the field of companies competing for horticulture applications from 2016-2020.

Helix TCS Becomes Largest BioTrackTHC Owner

Two BioTrackTHC founders sell interests to integrated operations provider.

  • Bus. Mgmt/Finance/Legal
  • Edibles/Infused Products
  • Product Line

Compliance Auditing System Now In Use

Cannascore cloud-based audit system now up and running after successful appeal of financial-services suspension last month.

The Vital Role of Hemp in the Coming Age of Abundance

Clearly, cannabis—in this instance, industrial hemp—has myriad uses and potential as a source for products.

Patent Cannabis, and Trademark, Too

Filing for and holding patents and trademarks are essential to protecting your cannabis intellectual property.

Critical Considerations When Starting a Cannabis Business

Complying with state laws when operating a Cannabis business or related ancillary business requires a team of Cannabis-friendly service providers.

The High Demand for Edibles

State variance with edibles packaging and THC content requires compliance with all state regulations.

CBD: Hemp-Derived Energy Products

House of Jane’s CBD-Infused B-12 energy capsules, energy shots, bottled beverages.

DISTILLATE: Organa Goes Bakked

New strain-specific brand focuses on flavor and total cannabanoid potencies up to 97 percent.

More Distributors for KOIOS Hemp Drink

Power Shack, Muscle Foods USA sign on for Raspberry Wonder with Greenhouse Solutions hemp oil.

CLOTHING: Everyday Hemp Wear from Colorado

Colorado Hemp Clothing opens with women’s cowl-neck shirt; more styles to come soon.