Transcend Lighting, New York, offers the LED T5 Horticultural Lamp that can be used with any current T5 fluorescent fixture.

As a direct replacement for 4’-length 54-watt fluorescent T5 lamps without any re-wiring, the LED tube offers the same amount of light with 45% less energy consumption. Heat output (80 BTUs per lamp) is also 45% lower than fluorescent helping save on HVAC costs.

The lamp’s 55 micro-moles per second output is at an efficiency of 1.83 μmoles/joule with a seed-to-harvest photosynthetic white color, and operates at a lifetime of 50,000 hours (during five years of 24-hour use). The shatterproof unit is designed and manufactured in the United States with a five-year warranty, and is 100% recyclable.

Custom output colors are also available.

Author: TheAdmin

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