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Hemp Plant Architecture: How a Plant’s Architecture Should Influence Your Production Plans

Hemp comes in many shapes and sizes – and different architecture can affect your farming decisions, from plant-spacing and irrigation plans to harvesting.
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Seed Priming & Conditioning Effects in Hemp

A strong start can make all the difference. Learn about how the lessons of seed conditioning gleaned from other crops has transitioned into hemp. Gerard will provide a general overview of seed enhancement technology and outline the types of technologies we as a hemp growing community have in our toolbox including upgrading, film coating, pelleting, priming, disinfection, additives, and more. This free webinar is now available on-demand!

Sponsored by: GoodHemp and Arcadia BioSciences

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Soilless Substrates in Containerized Cannabis Production

January 21, 2020

This webinar will cover a broad range of topics to educate growers about the basics of “soil” and “soilless” crop production, including:

  • An overview of what soilless substrates are (and aren’t)
  • The pros and cons of using mineral/field soil compared to a soilless mix option
  • A quick navigation through some of the common substrate components and their properties
  • Suggestions for selecting, storing and handling substrates at your grow facility

Resources will be shared to serve as future references on topics like media testing, reusing and recycling substrates and value and need of substrate additives.

Presented by: Brian Jackson, associate professor and director of the Horticultural Substrates Laboratory in the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University.

Sponsored by: Berger

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Production Considerations for Growing Industrial Hemp

This webinar covers production considerations for industrial hemp for the field farmer, greenhouse grower, and propagator.  Dr. Allison Justice provides a broad overview of what is involved in growing hemp and the differences and similarities between industrial hemp and other commonly produced crops.

Sponsored by: Oasis Grower Solutions

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Transitioning to Cannabis

Considerations you should make before taking the plunge into cannabis production.

Speaker Al Sray explores the key facility and construction questions that horticulture businesses need to contend with when jumping into the cannabis business.

Sponsored by: Berger

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