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LED top light for cannabis production

LED top light

The new LumiGrow TopLight is the cannabis industry's leading controllable LED lighting solution. Coming in at a powerful 1,440 µmol/s and rugged design that is IP67-rated, the TopLight can also be controlled for light spectrum,...


NitroGreen 13-0-0 is an OMRI-approved organic water-soluble fertilizer. Plant based, it will not burn plants. It features the highest nitrogen available in the organic industry for plant growth and establishment.

Woven ground cover

Reflective White/Black Ground Cover is a 3.5-ounce, UV-stabilized white woven polypropylene fabric woven to a black polypropylene fabric. Reflective white fabric on top increases yield by allowing the lower canopy of plants to receive light...

LED light system

The new VYPR 2p and VYPR 2x light systems are well suited for sole-source and supplemental lighting applications across various markets. These all-purpose lights can be adapted to virtually any setting, enabling growers to create...

Advanced grow mix

OMRI listed for organic gardening, Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 is recommended for indoor growing. This myc-active mix retains moisture while providing improved root aeration and drainage. This product contains RESiLIENCE for stronger stems, improved root...

Dosing system

The Growlink Smart Dosing System is a complete fertigation solution that continuously measures the actual EC and pH of your flow-through and precisely adjusts the concentration of fertilizer into the system based on your programmed...

Odor mitigation

Byers Scientific & Manufacturing designs, engineers and manufactures equipment in the odor abatement industry. Systems and neutralizer are approved for use in multiple California air pollution control districts. Additionally, the system’s onboard cloud-based technology allows...

Plug tray

The T50 plug tray is part of Landmark's True Series line of plug trays. The dimensions are 20 inches long by 10 inches wide. The T50 fits perfectly inside of the carry tray, making transportation...

Coir processor

HES is designing coir processors for both small and large growers. Tests have occurred to publish real volume per machine size, which have determined that a ¾-inch screen delivers optimum practical size for growing media.

Soil moisture sensor

The SM150 Moisture Kit sensor measures soil moisture and temperature with research-grade accuracy. It offers stable, robust and reliable performance with advanced patented electronics and tough build. The SM150 is a dual-purpose probe that can...

Light system

The Phantom Commercial DE attached light system combines top-rated Phantom ballast with an open, enclosed or super-deep reflector and a high-PAR Agrosun DE lamp. The commercial-grade Phantom ballast is designed with a smart microprocessor for...

Soil amendment

Growers can improve quality by strengthening roots, stems and foliage when they incorporate Sitality, a natural silicon-based soil amendment. Silicon is recognized to help plants build stronger leaves, roots and stems, in turn leading to...

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