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Rack Washer by Douglas Machine Corp

Rack washer

Effective and efficient rack washers save time, manpower and money. Douglas Machines Corp. is the leader in container cleaning equipment for the cannabis/hemp cultivating, processing and production industries. Fight cross contamination caused by bacteria, pathogens...
ceramic metal halide lighting

Ceramic metal halide lighting

The 315W NXT-LP CMH luminaire is the latest complement to the P.L. Light Systems product family. This professional grade luminaire delivers optimal lighting performance both as a standalone technology or when used to supplement existing...
Polycarbonate - Palram

Corrugated polycarbonate

For maximum light, more evenly dispersed, DYNAGLAS SolarSoft MAX is a revolutionary breakthrough in greenhouse coverings. Combining its polycarbonate corrugation with a unique proprietary formulation allows the panel to provide 90% light diffusion while maintaining...
Cannabis bin washer

Vat and buggy washer

Contamination is a serious issue with cannabis. These rugged stainless steel washers are designed to clean and sanitize vats, bins, buggies and other large volume containers commonly found in the cannabis industry. At the push...
Cannabis greenhouse

DynaGlas SolarSoft MAX

Commercial cultivation of cannabis requires full control over the day and night cycles. During daylight cycles, growers in the commercial market strive for maximal light transmittance and high light diffusion factors. Palram provides corrugated polycarbonate...
Thermaglas - Palram

Polycarbonate wall panel

Introducing THERMAGLAS Opaque, a polycarbonate multiwall panel manufactured by Palram and used for light deprivation applications. Its unique construction has highly reflective white outer layers with a black core to ensure complete light deprivation, making...
Douglas Machine Parts Washer

Parts washer

The cannabis industry continues fighting the battle to eliminated debris, soil, contamination, mold and bacteria from equipment, tools and parts. Douglas Machines Corp. builds a line of COP Parts Washers that help take the effort...

Drying system

The DRYMAX30 2.0 Drying System is made with durable and sturdy all-steel construction. It is specially painted with white thermoplastic food grade coating. Easy to move, clean and sanitize, the system is suitable for food...

Water/EC/temperature sensor

The WET sensor is essential equipment when accurate measurement in soil and substrates is vital to your business. The sensor is easily inserted into substrates, compost and most soils. It takes less than 5 seconds...
Landmark Plastic - thermoformed pot

Thermoformed pot

The 65NTGT 6.50 Nursery Trade Gallon is a co-extruded thermoformed pot. It is compatible with many transport trays. Bi-level drainage promotes air pruning and discourages root circling. In-rim tag slots are an additional feature that...

Automated irrigation

Optimize plant quality and growth time by automating irrigation separately for each stem. Mayim automates irrigation using sensor data that is collected wirelessly. It also connects directly to irrigation solenoids to allow for fully automated...
Rimol greenhouse for cannabis


Rimol has both free-standing and gutter-connected greenhouse options. They can be designed to meet a grower's exact needs. Some of the most popular free-standing greenhouse packages feature stamped engineering plans for building permit; higher side...

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