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May 6, 2021
US Hemp Roundtable: Regulate Delta-8 Akin To Adult-Use Cannabis

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable has issued a statement outlining its stance on delta-8 THC and plans for “how to address delta-8 and other intoxicating compounds in state and federal law.”

The statement can be read below.

“We are opposed to marketing products under the guise of hemp for their intoxicating effect. While we are not calling for a strict Delta-8 ban, we believe that intoxicating products should be regulated akin to adult-use cannabis, sold in dispensary-like settings away from minors. The dietary supplement and food/beverage additive lanes should be limited to non-intoxicating hemp products.

“Like for CBD in the early years of the 2014 Farm Bill, conditions for delta-8 and artificially derived cannabinoids are in flux. Some states have already or are in the process of banning delta-8 THC products. Other states, however, are adopting regulatory frameworks that allow for delta-8 THC under certain controls. All the while, the portion of the DEA’s Interim Final Rule concerning synthetically derived THCs is muddying federal waters.

“There is clearly a need for clarification of existing laws. Vermont, for example, recently emailed all state hemp registrants that the manufacture, distribution, and possession of delta-8 THC is illegal even though the state’s definition of hemp does not exclude delta-8 THC. More direct attempts at clarity are beginning to appear in new bills and regulations, but we fear some bills will be sweeping and not data-driven.

“The Roundtable is in the process of developing science-based policies on how to address delta-8 and other intoxicating compounds in state and federal law. We are worried about patchwork of state laws created that cause confusion and impair interstate commerce.”

The U.S. Hemp Roundtable’s statement also shared updates from states that are trying to address these issues.

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