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Matterhorn CBG Hemp Varietal from High Grade Hemp Seed

May 11, 2021
Matterhorn CBG Hemp Seed Earns AOSCA Certification

High Grade Hemp Seed, a Santa Fe Farms company and producer of premium hemp genetics, has received AOSCA certification of its CBG varietal, Matterhorn CBG.

The Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) is dedicated to the production, identification, distribution and promotion of certified classes of seed. Its certification of Matterhorn CBG paves the way for High Grade and its trusted affiliates to distribute to States, Countries and Native American Nations where certification of seed is required for entry into their ag markets as well as other markets where certification is unnecessary.

“Obtaining certification for our hemp strains is critically important to provide farmers around the world with access to the seed needed to consistently produce healthy, compliant, high-yield hemp crops across a broad spectrum of cannabinoids,” said Mike Lauder, CEO of High Grade Hemp Seed. “It’s a mission fully supported by our parent, Santa Fe Farms, as we seek to improve the quality and performance of our genetics and enhance the global supply chain for hemp.”

While THC and CBD have long been cannabinoids of focus, today’s researchers, manufacturers, and hemp breeders are teaming up to advance production and adoption of CBG. Farmers are actively seeking out new strains that deliver high yields of CBG over other cannabinoids in response to market demand and favorable prices for CBG biomass.

AOSCA certified Matterhorn CBG seeds are available for purchase today at and through trusted affiliates, including iHEMPx and CBD National.

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