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Oct 1, 2019
Leafly Launches Guide to Educate Users on Cannabis Effects

Leafly, a Seattle-based cannabis information resource, announced today the release of its Leafly Cannabis Guide.

The guide uses data and design to create a visual language for cannabis. Leafly hopes the guide will better illustrate what effects users can expect and goes deeper than the generalities of the terms indica, sativa and hybrid.

The Leafly Cannabis Guide is an evolution of the company’s strain finder, which highlights the moods and activities marijuana users might experience based on what they consume. More than a million customer-generated reviews are used, and the design displays shapes to present each strain’s dominant cannabinoid profile — circles for CBD and diamonds for THC. Colors are used to illustrate flavors and aromas.

“Cannabis has unique physiological effects for each of us. As our understanding of cannabis grows, so does our need for a more sophisticated, yet intuitive, language to help people navigate the very personal effects cannabis has,” said Tim Leslie, Leafly CEO. “While indica, sativa and hybrid are a starting point for understanding cannabis, this form of categorization doesn’t take advantage of our growing understanding of the effects of the various compounds found within the plant.”

Leafly scientists have worked with labs — including Confidence Analytics in Washington, SC Labs in California, CannTest in Alaska, ChemHistory in Oregon, MCS in Florida, PSI Labs in Michigan and Anandia in Canada — to source data used in the guide.

“One of the great benefits of legalization is the opportunity to more fully research and understand the effects of cannabis and the unique chemical compounds that influence our experience,” said Nick Jikomes, Leafly’s principal research scientist. “We developed the Leafly Cannabis Guide to give everyone the ability to visualize, learn and apply information about the amazing diversity of this plant.”

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