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Oct 13, 2020
High Grade Hemp Seed Launches Farm Partner Program

High Grade Hemp Seed, a market leader in the production and sales of premium hemp genetics, is introducing Farm Partner Program (FPP), aiming to make consistent, compliant production a reality for the U.S. hemp market.

Co-created by Center Pivot Group (CPG), the new Farm Partner Program will provide an infrastructure for hemp producers that guarantees a price for hemp flower at harvest, with the condition that it has been grown in accordance with guidelines laid out in the partnership agreement. For farmers who have purchased High Grade Hemp Seed genetics and followed specific standards laid out for crop management, this helps to assure a return on their original investment. Likewise, buyers and manufacturers can be assured of consistent and compliant hemp extract produced through the Center Pivot Group supply chain, which will in turn fuel confidence in the marketplace.

“The industry is growing vigorously, but we have recognized the barriers faced by farmers and buyers in terms of long term stability,” said Isaac Cohen, CFO of High Grade Hemp. “We are focused on solutions, which start with the end in mind. The Farm Partner Program addresses the needs not just of small farmers, but large scale agricultural producers who want certainty in terms of how to cultivate and harvest on a mass scale.”

The FPP will roll out immediately in the U.S. – primarily in California, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, and Texas – before looking towards international markets. Initially, the FPP will be open to experienced hemp farmers who purchase HG genetics. At point of seed sale, farmers will be introduced to end market contracts for their extracted hemp flower at harvest.

Contracts for biomass will be based on the trading value of hemp seed at purchase, with a revenue split after harvest between HG and the farmer. According to Global Market Insights, the worldwide market for CBD is expected to reach $89 billion by 2026. Demand for hemp and derivatives is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.

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