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Sep 29, 2020
Desert Aire Introduces GrowAire With VPDsync For Grow Rooms

Desert Aire has introduced its new GrowAire with VPDsync command environmental control to the indoor controlled environment agriculture market.

“Desert Aire has designed GrowAire with VPDsync command environmental control to meet the control needs of indoor growing climates in controlled environment agriculture,” said Paul Stewart, vice president of sales for Desert-Aire LLC. “It is an ideal system designed for cultivators to efficiently manage and optimize their cultivation operations.”

Desert Aire unit with GrowAire VPDsyncVPDsync command environmental control is part of Desert Aire’s ongoing focus of integrating complex environmental equipment systems into our customers’ facilities with purpose-built HVAC solutions.

VPDsync command environmental control unlocks the four dimensions of control by allowing the independent control of the GrowAire system’s components to provide the precise level of cooling and dehumidification required to meet the cultivator’s needs in the grow room. In essence, VPDsync command environmental control links both the grow optimization and environmental control unit’s loops to master the art of the perfect grow environment.

GrowAire with VPDsync command environmental control:

  • Adjusts capacity to meet grow room’s cooling requirements
  • Adjusts the amount of air delivered to your grow room to meet temperature and humidity requirements
  • Reduces or eliminates the over drying of a room during the startup of production or in rooms with early vegetation.
  • Maintains tight, steady state temperature and humidity conditions for the perfect grow

Using GrowAire with VPDsync, growers will have the indoor climate control they need to maximize yields and improve plant quality to be competitive in the indoor agriculture market.

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