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July 21, 2021
North Carolina Tobacco Farmer Finds Success with Hemp

A fifth generation family farm in Carthage has its roots in agriculture and sights on innovation. When the McLeod family first started farming, they focused mainly on our state’s popular cash crops: cotton, tobacco, corn and sweet potatoes. While they continue to grow those crops today, Martin McLeod began venturing... more »

July 13, 2021
UF/IFAS Announces Results of Two-Year Industrial Hemp Pilot Project

UF/IFAS wrapped up the two-year Industrial Hemp Pilot Project with guidance that hemp may be a viable commodity for Florida growers in the future, with caution for economic and environmental challenges. The pilot project at UF/IFAS began in the spring of 2019 after federal and state legislation established an industrial... more »

July 6, 2021
Extension Team Requests Grower Input On Research Priorities

Alabama’s third growing season for hemp is underway. With this ‘new’ crop, the Extension crops team is looking to identify best management practices to ensure hemp’s sustainability. This includes identifying the types and distribution of major insects and diseases across the United States and Canada. A group of hemp research... more »

June 24, 2021
Seminar Explains Certified Hemp Process For South Carolina Growers

Industrial hemp has been a hot topic in South Carolina agriculture in the past several years. With the passage of the 2018 Farm bill, removing the crop from the controlled substance list, hemp farming has been a growing industry. In 2020, around 350 people applied to the S.C. Department of... more »

June 24, 2021
Indiana Hemp Industry Sees Growth, Challenges

Hemp is a versatile crop used to make a wide variety of products from textiles and rope to insulation and biofuels. Farmers across the country are increasingly growing the crop since the 2018 Farm Bill allowed for its legal cultivation, although production has dropped off since the initial spike in... more »

May 12, 2021
Griffin Greenhouse Supplies Publishes 2021 CEA Catalog

Griffin, one of the largest horticultural brokers and suppliers in the United States, has added a new CEA catalog to its series of already published catalogs for the grower industry. This latest catalog features new products, success stories, bonus digital content, and the ability to interact with QR codes. "We... more »

May 10, 2021
NC State Studies ‘Seedless’ Hemp Varieties

When growing hemp for extraction of cannabinoids it is critical that only female plants are produced. Female flowers ("buds") are densely covered in cannabinoid-rich trichomes as compared to male flowers, which produce very little in terms of cannabinoids. What males do produce is an abundance of pollen, which can threaten... more »

April 23, 2021
Charlotte’s Web CBD Cultivars Approved For Cultivation In Canada

Three of Charlotte's Web Holdings' proprietary hemp cultivars were approved for registration on Health Canada's List of Approved Cultivars (LOAC) for outdoor cultivation in Canada. These are among the first hemp CBD cultivars on the LOAC that are early flowering and early maturing for outdoor cultivation and harvesting within the... more »

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