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Sweet Dirt greenhouse

January 19, 2021
Sweet Dirt Completes Maine’s Largest Cannabis Greenhouse

Sweet Dirt, a Maine-based, vertically integrated cannabis company, has completed its 32,800-square-foot cannabis greenhouse. Located in Eliot, Maine, adjacent to the company's manufacturing site and medical cannabis store, the new greenhouse — the largest cannabis greenhouse in Maine — was completed in just under one year. A ribbon-cutting ceremony and... more »

December 24, 2020
MiteXstream Biopesticide Receives EPA Certification

Digital Development Partners, Inc. (DGDM), doing business as Black Bird Potentials Inc., the exclusive distributor of MiteXstream biopesticide and manufacturer of Grizzly Creek Naturals CBD products, announced the final EPA certification of MiteXstream (EPA Reg. Number: 95366-1). The biopesticide eradicates mites and similar pests, including spider mites, a destructive pest... more »

December 15, 2020
Pipp Horticulture Acquires Vertical Air Solutions

Pipp Horticulture (a division of Pipp Mobile Storage Systems, Inc.), a provider of multi‐level mobile cultivation systems, has acquired Vertical Air Solutions LLC (VAS). Based in Santa Cruz, California, VAS provides air circulation systems and related products to the global indoor vertical farming industry. "We are excited to welcome the... more »

December 10, 2020
Sourcing Good Genetics

In a legal or black market, the grower’s greatest asset is their genetics. Their strain portfolio, whether 10 or 100, can separate them from being a successful or a failing company. A grower can be only as good as their genetics allow them. Some strains are more forgiving to climate... more »

December 10, 2020
From The Start: Keeping It Clean

We have all heard the phrase “You have to start clean to end clean.” There are many ways to approach this. A regular routine of best practices along with integrated pest management (IPM) can achieve a clean and sanitized growing environment. As with anything, please check with your state and... more »

October 26, 2020
Colorado Updates Pesticide List For Cannabis Production

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) has updated its list of pesticides that can be used on cannabis without being a violation of the Pesticide Applicators' Act. Please note the following products have been added: BotaniGard 22WP BotaniGard ES BoteGHA ES Milstop SP Mycotrol ESO Mycotrol WPO Rupture CDA is... more »

September 29, 2020
Desert Aire Introduces GrowAire With VPDsync For Grow Rooms

Desert Aire has introduced its new GrowAire with VPDsync command environmental control to the indoor controlled environment agriculture market. "Desert Aire has designed GrowAire with VPDsync command environmental control to meet the control needs of indoor growing climates in controlled environment agriculture," said Paul Stewart, vice president of sales for... more »
Sensaphone Soil Moisture Sensor

September 14, 2020
Sensaphone Soil Moisture Sensor Improves Irrigation Management

The Sensaphone Soil Moisture Sensor helps cannabis growing facility personnel manage irrigation more efficiently. The sensor measures water content in soil and other growing media so that users can be alerted when moisture conditions fall outside the desired range. Instant notification prevents over- or under-watering, minimizes water usage, promotes growth... more »

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