Rescission of Medical Marijuana Memorandum

Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a one-page memorandum on Jan. 4, 2018 (the “Sessions Memo”) rescinding both the Cole and Ogden Memoranda whi... more »

Success Story: Clean Green Certified

Chris VanHook had a vision to bring organic cannabis to consumers. To make this goal a reality, he founded the Clean Green Certified Program, the only... more »

The Vital Role of Hemp in the Coming Age of Abundance

Peter Diamandis has a radical idea. The coming age will be one of abundance—not for the few, but for the many, the bottom three billion people on ea... more »

Cannabis Strains: Real and Imaginary

Haze, Northern Lights, Skunk #1,  Blueberry, New York Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Chem Dawg... Today, the flowers of these legendary strains and their famo... more »

Vaporizer Innovation

The world has seen a revolution in consumer behavior driven by the smartphone. Whether you’re an iPhone user, Android user, or some crusty curmudgeo... more »

Monitoring Marijuana

Once marijuana dispensaries got the legal go-ahead to operate as legitimate businesses in certain states, many recognized it as a golden opportunity t... more »

Patent Cannabis, and Trademark, Too

Yes, that’s right, the United States Federal Government is issuing patents and trademarks for Cannabis products and services, with a few exceptions.... more »

Critical Considerations When Starting a Cannabis Business

Whether you’re in the planning stages of starting a new Cannabis business or already opened your doors months ago, proper financial planning is esse... more »

Success Story: Love’s Oven

For Cannabis bakery Love’s Oven, high-quality products and over-compliance with industry regulations are the keys to success. The Denver-based whole... more »

The High Demand for Edibles

Beginning with California’s medicinal marijuana legalization some 19 years ago, followed by the subsequent passage of recreational laws in other sta... more »

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