POCKET FIRE: Gló™ etorch

Gló™ etorchGLO Products LLC, Sarasota, Fla., announced today that the Gló™ etorch, the precise and mobile way to light buds, blunts, shatter and oils is now available for purchase at GloProduct.com.

Gló features a specially crafted ceramic tip that heats to 600°F degrees in seconds, delivering pure, zero-emissions battery-powered electric heat. Gló provides a perfectly controlled burn with no flame. Users can inhale what they want with no over-burn or waste.

Gló is windproof and is a better alternative to toxic butane lighters. With Gló, there is no taste and smell of butane and the precision heat reveals super clean flavor profiles.

Gló provides more than sixty of its 80-second cycles on a single charge. The precise heat can light a small portion of cannabis to increase hits, or its massive heat can vaporize a large quantity and light the entire surface. With Gló the user is in total control.

Gló is also equipped with advanced safety technology so it’s worry-free.

Gló Features include:

  • Ceramic Tip – Engineered to deliver 600°F of pure zero-emissions battery powered electric heat.
  • LED Indicator – A “good to go” powered-up indicator you can read at a glance.
  • Power Input – Rechargeable battery is ready for a whole lot of long 80-second hits.
  • Ignition – “Hold Down” switch and the ceramic tip gets really hot in 10 seconds.
  • Safety Power Switch – Turn “On” when you’re ready to use it and “Off” before you pop on the cap. It’s easy and safe.

Gló is made to take anywhere because you can charge it everywhere. Its battery powered, just like a smartphone.

Gló is the smart solution for cannabis lovers. Gló was designed by cannabi-minded engineers to deliver a better concentrates experience.

Glo Products LLC

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