PESTICIDE: Organic for Cannabis

urban-gro, Lafayette, Colo., launches distribution of Procidic2®, a FIFRA 25b product and the first state-registered organic pesticide labeled specifically for cannabis crops.

Procidic2® - urban-gro

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The fungicide and bactericide works on contact and systemically with the cannabis crop; it’s rapidly absorbed into the plant and moves towards the apex, allowing new tissues to be free of infection and reducing the risk of future bacterial and fungal growth.

The Greenspire Global product is available exclusively in the United States through urban-gro.

Procidic2® is labeled and cleared for use on cannabis in:

New York
New Jersey
Rhode Island

Maryland, New Hampshire, Oregon and the District of Columbia are in final process to clear for State approval. Arizona and New Mexico are in the first application process with state departments of agriculture.

The combination of organic acids comprised in Procidic2® are ingredients classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), which reduces the risk for pesticide applicators, and because the product has no REI (restricted entry interval), it allows growers to spray the product and still work in the same vicinity. When used properly and integrated into a regimented pest management plan, Procidic2® is a FIFRA 25b exempt organic broad-spectrum bactericide and fungicide compound formulated to protect crops during all stages of growth.

Following Procidic2® label instructions allows the producer to work with beneficials (organisms such as ladybugs, lacewings and bacteria) that feed on or parasitize pests of crops, an emerging pest control solution for the cannabis industry today. urban-gro recommends spraying the crop from the vegetative to the budding stage to ensure the pesticide has fully traveled through the inside of the plant.

“Growers are grappling with the issue of protecting their plants while still remaining compliant with the industry’s fluctuating regulatory landscape,” said John Chandler, vice president of cultivation technologies, urban-gro. “Procidic2® is the first cannabis-labeled and legally approved pesticide product to protect growers’ harvests and fight against common fungi, specifically Powdery Mildew. urban-gro has been working to get this product approved since the beginning and we are pleased to be the sole U.S. distributor of this product nationwide.”

“Greenspire Global’s exclusive affiliation with urban-gro offers our outstanding Procidic2® product the national reach and in-house expertise of a strong cannabis-focused distributor to service this rapidly growing industry,” said Steve Knauss, president of Greenspire Global.


Lafayette, Colo.


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