PACKAGING: Every 2 Seconds

Meridian Merchandising, Olympia, Wash, offers the custom Micro 420 cannabis packaging machine, with the ability to package a bag/bottle of cannabis buds every 2 seconds with an accuracy of 0.05g.

The Micro 420 includes automatic bud-size sorting, 10-lane cross-section combination weighment, stainless-steel contact surfaces, and plunger action to positively place deposit into the container.

The machine runs in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes, with Windows touch-screen controls and 256 memory locations. The Micro 420 can also be set for real-time recording and reporting to Biotrack and other seed-to-sale programs.

The Micro 420 can be engineered to meet the specific requirements of any business.

Here’s a video of the Micro 420 on its initial run at a recent customer’s facility.

Meridian Marketing


Author: TheAdmin

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