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urban-gro, Lafayette, Colo., introduces HortiLED, P.L. Light Systems’ new line of LED lighting, HortiLED, for the cannabis market.

HortiLED - urban-gro

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HortiLED products feature unique LED optics, custom engineered to deliver optimum lighting performance for specific indoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivations. The products will allow growers to achieve the same lighting performance as they would from traditional sources.

The HortiLED line includes:

HortiLED TOP: Designed for performance and efficacy, the HortiLED TOP is a versatile top-lighting system with a light output of 860 μmol/m2.s and a system efficacy of 2.7 μmol/J, which will deliver optimum performance and energy savings for growers.
HortiLED INTER: With its unique design, the HortiLED INTER delivers up to 125 μmol/m2.s uniformly to the top surface of the leaves, even at the lowest levels of the canopy while also delivering system efficacies as high as 2.63 μmol/J. The narrow-profile modules are also designed to provide optimal heat-management, which enables close-to-canopy mounting without any burning.
HortiLED MULTI: This product is a small fixture that offers big energy savings that can lead to maximum space utilization and system efficacies as high as 2.5 μmol/J. Designed to deliver exceptional uniformity, in limited daylight, multilayer applications, the HortiLED MULTI ensures level illumination to each individual plant, regardless of its position in the layer.

“P.L. Light Systems’ new LED fixtures provide the advancement in light performance that the cannabis industry has been waiting for,” said Brad Nattrass, urban-gro CEO. “Up until now, LED light performance has not matched its promise of providing efficient light solutions for growers. HortiLED will change the way growers look at LED light fixtures, and optimize cannabis grows and energy performance.”


Lafayette, Colo.


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