urban-gro, Lafayette, Colo., introduces the Soleil 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) system utilizing the patented P.L. Light Systems reflector technology.

Soleil 315W CMH system

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The fixtures feature high-efficiency ballast technology from the Netherlands, with hinged ballast compartment for easy access. A new breathable membrane allows for cooler operation; built-in heat fins reduce operating temperatures by 6%.

Reflectors are used to ensure that the light penetrates deeper into the crop canopy in the most efficient way possible. The aluminum reflectors are highly polished and anodized, and the microscopic small facets provide a diffused light pattern and discourage accumulation of deposits on the lamp.

The unit is compatible with Delta and Zeta reflectors to suit specific lighting requirements.

urban-gro developed the specialized lighting system to address specific needs for the vegetative growth stage in cannabis cultivation facilities, and the customizable mounting system ensures easy install and hanging in a variety of grow set ups.

“P.L. Light Systems is a leader in the cannabis indoor and greenhouse industry because of their unique reflector choices,” said Shelly Peterson, urban-gro vice president of lighting, “which spread the light in the most efficient way needed to maximize yields to cultivation facilities.”



Lafayette, Colo.


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