GrowstoneGrowstone was founded in New Mexico in 2008 by eco-preneurs who saw the catastrophic damage strip-mining for products like perlite and Hydroton do to the earth. Growstone’s hydroponic medium is green from start to finish, with no long-distance shipping from overseas—reducing Growstone’s carbon footprint.

Growstone aggregates are engineered to provide an effective ratio between aeration and moisture to any hydroponic growing system. The aggregates form an ideal hydroponic substrate due to their small and large pores.  Upon substrate irrigation, water is held in the micro pores but quickly drains through the macro pores, allowing fresh air to flow through the substrate, which brings oxygen to the roots and removes carbon dioxide from the root zone.

The company makes environmental contributions to the planet through the use of recycled glass in its product line and its eco-friendly manufacturing plant. Company research developed a method of turning discarded glass bottles from landfills into high-productivity, earth-friendly growing mediums.

The product is proudly manufactured in the United States and not only sustains the environment but helps to sustain the American worker and the American way of life as well.

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