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SatiMed Inc., Houston, launches the Sativera™ line of topical cosmetic creams containing naturally derived cannabinoids and other valuable phyto-compounds from European-Union certified organic hemp.

The products include:

Hemp Body Oil 100 for skin, nails and hair;
Body Cream 125 for skin care and moisturizing;
Calming Cream 250 for face and body; and
Deep Tissue Óleogel 600 for joints and muscles.

SatiMed’s team of researchers and pharmacologists built a unique competence to retrieve and use the therapeutic values of natural herbal remedies derived from industrial hemp plants. All SatiMed products are manufactured in Lithuania.

“There is a fast growing demand for hemp-based products, ranging from dietary supplements to cosmetics, and a vast unexplored potential waiting to be unlocked by scientists, consumers, and product development companies,” said Dr. Jokubas Ziburkus, president/CSO of SatiMed. “We are excited about the launch of our operations in the USA and the introduction of Sativera products in the marketplace.”

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