More Distributors for KOIOS Hemp Drink

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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – Greenhouse Solutions Inc . announces new distribution deals for its KOIOS Raspberry Wonder with Hemp beverage.

Power Shack , a division of Eurpac, is a wholesale distributor of nutritional supplements. Power Shack and Muscle Foods USA have been in business for more than forty years combined, and are well respected and well-known distributors in the United States.

In the first two weeks of release, KOIOS Raspberry Wonder with Hemp beverage has sold very well through its current distribution channels as well as online direct to consumer, moving 27,560 units overall. The drink has been placed in more than 30 7-Elevens since its launch, with more being added soon.

“Creating a beverage the way we have takes time, and we are glad that we spent the extra time and effort crafting a functional beverage that not only tastes amazing, but may also have great health benefits,” said John Michak, COO of GH Solutions.

“The excitement and amount of volume we are seeing right out of the gate is incredibly exciting for us. We are very encouraged by the introduction of the new product and we believe that it will grow in market acceptance rapidly in the functional drink category, based upon our initial sales,” said Chris Miller, CEO of KOIOS.

GH Solutions is a science-based company focused on offering products to consumers within the burgeoning hemp health products industry. The KOIOS Raspberry Wonder with Hemp beverage is offered through a joint venture with Koios LLC, which combined their formulas for nutritional products with hemp oil from GH Solutions.

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