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kushbottleschildBranding — and packaging — is beginning to play a key role in the Cannabis industry, just like all other highly competitive industries. With states legalizing and regulating the sale of Cannabis, growers and retailers have a new opportunity to make their brands known. Branded packaging gives growers and retailers a way to legitimize their products and businesses through consistent product presentation. It also makes products more memorable and drives customer loyalty.

At the core of the Kush Bottles custom packaging line are custom printed barrier bags and custom labeled pop-top bottles for flowers, custom labeled child-resistant pre-rolled tubes for joints, and custom printed tin or polystyrene concentrate containers for extracts.

The Kush Bottles design team also does a lot of engineering, design, and sourcing of custom cardboard and tin containers for the packaging of edibles or higher- end Cannabis products.

Kush Bottles does so much business in custom labeling for their child-resistant pop-top bottles, they recently started offering an automated label-application service, which has already saved customers thousands of man hours in labeling, resulting in increased profits.

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