CULTIVATION: Commercial Hydroponics

Current Culture H2O, Fresno, Calif., offers the Under Current® PRO, a greenhouse-grade recirculating water culture system design for larger commercial grows.

Based on the company’s Under Current® medium-grow technology, the 35-gallon PRO setup offers reinforced and maximized for longevity in adverse greenhouse-style conditions, with many components manufacturedi n the United States.

Solid ABS modules feature water level indicators, recessed bulkhead coves, easy drain bottom, recessed drain valve cove and custom inlets for our float valve and water inlet tees; lids allow easy plant swap-outs from other Under Current systems, and include dual port-hole access points and air inlet coves.

The new Aqua-Pore PRO XL Air Diffusers have low back-pressure creating significantly higher oxygen transfer rates and higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels. The membrane’s tiny pore size creates extremely small diameter bubbles. Air delivery is with a high-quality linear air or commercial regenerative blower (16-site and above).

Grow systems can be laid out in 2-across (Standard), 3-across (Evolution) or 4-across (Double Barrel) configurations. Layouts can include from a minimum of four models to a maximum 32 modules.

The Under Current® PRO system would be best situated in either a greenhouse or indoors with a combination of vertical and horizontal lighting. The 35-gallon PRO growth module with single plant sites will be best utilized on 70”+ plant centers. Starting plants in 8-gallon Under Current® systems and transplanting them to the PRO module at a height of 3-4’ can yield a 8-10’+ finished plant when harvested.

All PRO systems come standard in a “Boneless” configuration WITHOUT straight sections of 3” PVC to allow for custom plant spacing. The PRO Air Manifold also comes standard in a “Boneless” configuration WITHOUT straight sections of 1.5” PVC to allow for custom plant spacing.

Under Current® PRO features a one-year warranty.

Current Culture H2O

Fresno, Calif.


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