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Dixie Brands Inc., Denver, expands its Aceso line of consumables with an effervescent drink mix featuring hemp-derived cannabinoids, boosted with all-natural vitamins and terpenes.

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Aceso’s CBD drink mixes are formulated for use with 4-6 oz. of water. Aceso’s daily-use powdered sachets are available in three varieties: Soothe, Calm and Wellness, each with a proprietary mix of cannabinoids and terpenoids that fit discreetly into healthy lifestyles.

Aceso’s powder format combines Dixie’s cannabinoid extraction expertise with the highest quality whole-plant cannabinoids and terpenes. Aceso’s drink mixes were developed by a team of cannabinoid scientists to target common wellness goals with unique vitamin-boosted, delicious formulas.

• Soothe features cinnamon and tart cherry notes and delivers a whole-plant cannabinoid blend enhanced with the terpene beta-carophyllene and a proprietary blend of turmeric and bromelain to soothe everyday aches and pains.
• Calm formula is designed to promote a relaxed, stable disposition and includes passionflower and lavender, compounded by hemp cannabinoids and the terpenes linalool (from lavender) and limonene (from grapefruit) to induce a fast-acting, non-sedative state of relaxation.
• Wellness pairs hemp cannabinoids and capsaicin with a team of synergistic terpenes like limonene and sweet orange oil to promote energy, mood stability and a healthy immune system.

“We are proud to launch three highly effective cannabinoid formulations that provide a new and novel format for those looking for all-natural answers to daily aches and pains and anxiety,” said Tripp Keber, Dixie Brands CEO. “While the custom formulations take hemp-derived cannabinoids to an entirely new level, it is also the familiar, easy-to-drink delivery system that makes this such a unique product.”

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to better define the burgeoning field of cannabinoid synergy,” said Jay Denniston, director of science for Dixie Brands, Inc. “Current research indicates that whole-plant cannabinoids and the entourage effect will be the guiding principles of the next generation of quantitative and qualitative cannabis research.”

The product is available online in packs of five or 30. The Aceso consumables are also available in spray format.


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